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A percentage of new cachers want to place caches. I was no different and placed my first well before I hit 200, and it lasted up until recently. It was nothing special and actually a fairly poor hide – but did highlight some interesting local history that I felt was worth sharing.

The only statistical thing about low count players I think is that a percentage will drop out entirely, same as with any hobby. Lots of enthusiasm at the start, then once the honeymoon’s over, a dip and at that point they might leave, or perhaps regain some interest and a long term levelling out. I think those who combine caching with other things tend to last longer – those who cache in combination with walking or dog-walking as companion hobbies might get more miles out of it. (Pun intended)

High counters have shown they enjoy the hobby enough to have racked up some big numbers in finding, and have had more time to “give back” by placing hides. They’re not supermen, just have stuck with it. Whether than makes them “good” COs or not is probably too broad a question.

Those who do stop maintaining their caches are probably less likely to place any more, once they realise the downsides to cache ownership – so the problem, if it exists, tends to self-extinguish fairly quickly.

So I don’t think it’s a big problem. Certainly not one that requires yet more rules.