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Finderman: No I wouldn’t, but I expect it will happen and if it does I will try to be FTF on all of them 🙂

Dartymoor: Of course roadside and remote can co-exist, I have no problem with roadside caches and we often pick them up. However, its the sheer number that is the problem. You don’t need caches placed at 0.1 mile intervals. If the object is to enjoy a nice drive then 3 or 4 a mile is perfect. I don’t know this Bodmin Moor road, but I doubt if it is suitable for this sort of power trail. Is it a single track road? Are these placed in passing places? Clearly not for the disabled as none that I’ve noticed have a terrain 1 rating. It won’t do your car much good either unless you leave the engine running, imagine stopping and starting your car engine 60 times in about 7 or 8 miles! So it really needs a team to tackle this or better still walk it, but it appears not to be circular.