Reply To: Quality of Dartmoor Caches

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

This is an interesting log which supports much of my argument about whether geocaches should be correctly labelled:

Puzzling and frustrating – so many plastic boxes are hidden around here that they seem to outnumber the rocks themselves. Some have logs that have been signed by cachers, but none that we found seemed to actually be geocaches. So far as we could tell, all were leaky lunchboxes dumped by enthusiastic kids with no thought for their future maintenance.

Realistically, it ought to have been possible to find the real cache – but the GPSr was being a little vague and we didn’t have the clue with us as we were paperless and without internet access, so after a long hunt and yet another lunchbox with pink butterflies and sparkly unicorns we decided to call it a day.

Much as we’d like to log a find as pay-off for finding things in plausible locations, in all conscience we can’t. We’d suggest this one might be worth re-siting somewhere a little away from the tor, in some tricksy location that kids won’t think to go to and which lends itself to a specific clue.