Reply To: Quality of Dartmoor Caches

Avatar photodartymoor

Yes, agree in theory…

But what holds me and I’m sure others back is not knowing if the owner wants you to take scraps/logs/calling cards/crap toys and junk away – leaving nothing but a single log behind. If they ever do verify paper logs against website logs someone might have their smiley deleted. Is it ever “bad form” to take anything from a cache, unless it’s a swap?

Dave has a nice aspiration there, and yes, for your own caches I think it would be a nice thing to do, provided no stigma was directed to the less blinged boxes.

Also remember what it’s about as a cacher – why do people go caching, especially on Dartmoor? A nice walk, good views, interesting history, a bit of a challenge getting to GZ. I’m not sure an untidy cache is going to register much provided it’s dry and still there.