Reply To: Quality of Dartmoor Caches

Avatar photored.roaming

Just thought I would add my thoughts on the quality of Dartmoor caches as this morning I went to check on 5 caches which I had recently adopted. These caches have been out for several years and are frequently found by visitors from outside Devon as well as outside England, which is great to see. However the negatives are that a couple of the caches which were larger than 35mm were full of scraps of paper and caching log strips only written on one side [?why?]. One of these caches had more than one log asking is this a geocache or a letterbox as it was far from obvious [the cache was named on the geocaching strips when eventually found amongst the paper] – it was very close to an icecream container again full of bits of paper which I removed as it was rubbish.
This experience leads me to feel that we all should have a responsibility towards the maintenance of caches we found, and not leave this to “someone else”.
Sorry, will now stop wingeing! [if that how it is spelt!]