Reply To: Quality of Dartmoor Caches

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I have to admit that a lot of the caches I found in Cornwall were placed by only a handful of owners, but it was clear that they did take a pride in their caches and it was a noticeable difference to many of ours on Dartmoor and in my opinion made the experience more enjoyable. A bit like the difference between the thrown in the hedge micro and the carefully crafted cache. I am very pleased that we do see many of the latter type on Dartmoor and several of these placed by muddypuddles.

The other reason I mentioned this was that I had just received the geocaching guidelines from the DNPA and near the top of the list is the requirement that all geocaches should be labelled as such. As this is such an easy requirement to meet I think that we should play our part in this agreement and ensure that we do label our geocaches. It doesn’t have to be an expensive green sticker, I’ve seen many just with the word “geocache” scribbled on the box with a permanent pen.

Possibly I am in a small minority who think that we should take a pride in the caches we place and that their presentation is important. But whatever the general opinion, I shall continue to place caches that I would like to find, and that probably means a nice green sticker, a log book in a waterproof bag, a stash card, a pencil and in many cases a camouflaged bag as well!

But I do echo muddypuddle’s sentiments when he says “However, I am just glad that some people have taken the time and effort to place caches around this beautiful location which I can then go and find.”