Reply To: Phillpots Cave cache (GC3A5MX)

the urban ranger

Well having read all the interesting views on my Philpotts cave cache thought it was time to chip in with a few comments.This cache was indeed put out in September 2010.This was a 35m container hid on top of a boulder amongst a grassy turf.At this time i had problems getting it past the reviewer and to be honest after following as expected the letterbox code of practice i did put it on the backburner to sort out when i had the chance.In the mean time i did log it on Open Caching .unfortunately i never got back to the reviewer to sort it out and did forget all about it.Wasn’t till this year after looking at some of my older caches that i came across it,so i thought this one needed sorting out with the reviewer, needless to say it was published on 2nd January 2012.I did not use the original date just in case in caused any confusion Having checked that it had not been found on open caching i had no reason to doubt it was not there.The fact that it was not found by the first cacher did not concern me .Have several times checked my caches after a dnf to find its still there. Muddypuddles contacted me for details of the cache having noticed the dnf. I explained what to look for.He very kindly offered to replace it for me if indeed it had vanished.As far as iam concerned i am not to bothered who claims a FTF but my vote goes to Muddypuddles for the help.I would also like to say i never thought that i would need to check it again before it was published as it had not been visited in the 12 months that it was on open caching site.I am gobsmacked that a cache in the remote part of the South moor can go missing before it has even been found .On another note which has really disheartens me is all the red tape that you encounter at times trying to get caches published on Dartmoor. It seems just following the letterbox code is just the start of it, what with Dartmoor National Park, Dartmoor national Trust, Duchy of Cornwall etc etc.I would myself probably put more out when walking on Dartmoor but its just not worth the headache.This its not just a gripe from me as i know a number of cachers who think the same.I do realize that some cachers seem to have a lot of caches on Dartmoor so a assume that they must have good contacts as in e-mails address Telephone numbers for the different areas of the moor perhaps cachers might like to see some helpful information on this site .I am sure you would get a lot more caches out on Dartmoor.