Reply To: Phillpots Cave cache (GC3A5MX)

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I think muddypuddles argument has changed my mind if you agree in advance with the CO to replace a cache, then I would agree, it is ok to log a find. If it happens to be a FTF, so be it. I really don’t think this applies when it hasn’t been agreed beforehand. Otherwise we could all carry spare caches and put a new one out instead of logging a DNF, which is what happened twice with my caches. With this particular cache the problem seems to be that it was placed over a year ago (possibly as an opencache) and the CO hadn’t checked to see whether it was still there when it was published. Unfortunately for reb10 and pearlywhirly it wasn’t still there and they were the unfortunates who checked on the cache when surely this should have been the CO’s job.