Reply To: Phillpots Cave cache (GC3A5MX)


Blimey, I didn’t realise this was going to cause quite such a stir! I can’t answer for the CO (I see he is a member here, so if he wants to reply I’m sure he will). I saw reb10’s DNF before I went, and the clue seemed pretty clear, which is why I checked with the CO before leaving home, and which is why I had the spare container with me. I can see that others hold a different view, but if I know for certain a cache has gone, and especially with the CO’s consent, I am happy to replace the container for them – I believe it’s good caching etiquette. I also cannot see the problem with logging the find in that case. After all, if this wasn’t allowed, then cachers wouldn’t do each other the courtesy of replacing the missing containers, as why should they? It costs money to buy the container and prepare it, and time to assemble the cache and walk out and place it. If you’re not even going to get a smiley for your pains, why bother? I’m afraid I don’t agree that it is wrong to log a find in this situation, FTF or otherwise. If the CO does disapprove of other cachers doing this to their caches then they will have to accept that all of the cache maintenance will fall to them, which might prove to be more of a nuisance than accepting the help when it is offered. Also, this is all just for fun, so if the CO and the finder are happy with their agreement, then it really is up them about how they go about things.