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Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Well my first cache and a FTF 🙂

I heard about this new cache when I phoned DNPA on Friday and I thought I would wander down to Postbridge to find it.

However, a very disappointing hide, given that this is the DNPA. It’s not really in a dry stone wall, but under a beautiful Beech hedge/wall, the typical Dartmoor type. Decades of moss everywhere, both on the trees and the wall. I know BB wouldn’t approve and I would agree.

I have left a log asking for everybody to be careful and will send Andrew a tactful message tomorrow as we need him on side for the MoD problems, but I have to say a bit disappointing. If this was a geocaching. com cache the area would look a lot different by now 🙁

To log a find on is very interesting. You give your idea on Terrain, Difficulty, Awesomeness!!! and Size and what you say affect the ratings of the cache. So you end up with an average – what a great idea.