Reply To: New MoD guidelines?


Still no progress, unfortunately…

Tried once again to list my cache which is outside the range, providing all the details and photos relevant to the situation:

“Thank you for your patience while we investigated the land use issues with this area. Because of the delicate nature of the negotiations between the geocaching community and the Ministry of Defense, we simply cannot publish a geocache that is not certain on all maps to be outside of the military property. We are denying your appeal and ask that you relocate your cache farther away where there will be no controversy about the property where it is located. I will notify your reviewer so he knows the outcome of your appeal. Good luck with your new location.”

Certain on ALL maps?? I provided the military maps for them but obviously a guess-work line drawn on google maps by a reviewer doesn’t correlate to this!

Also can’t understand the “controversy” comment, why would there be controversy?

Can’t believe how long this saga has rumbled on for…I can imagine that there is in fact no “negotiations” and that this ban is now permenant.