Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

Avatar photodartymoor

Pretty sure I’m off the christmas card list too, MP!

It stinks, but they hold all the cards. It’s been pointed out that Graculus is liaison for the reviewers, so perhaps he truly speaks with the voice of all and that every suggestion put forward and fielded by him is taken before the group and discussed and a democratic decision formed.

But given the speed of the “No” responses, I do feel that once a decision is made, there’s no discussion, no negotiation, no movement. What’s decided is what will happen, because it’s beyond doubt it is the right decision and if you disagree, you are being unreasonable.

I think this is bad for geocaching, but I don’t think groundspeak care very much, or monitor reviewers activities. Certainly they, and the reviewers as a body, are a long way from transparent.

But… It’s a great hobby and has enough inertia for such bad management at all levels not to massively affect it. What is a shame is that frustrations like this force out so many great cache owners, and has been pointed out, without these the hobby suffers.

I shouldn’t care about the unfairness so much. But I like setting caches, sharing a nice walk, maintaining them and enjoying the feedback I get from the cachers. If I wasn’t a CO I certainly wouldn’t care so much and I totally understand muddypuddles’ decision to revert. Maybe that’s the key to being a happy cacher – just stop giving back into the hobby and focus on the finding?