Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

Avatar photodartymoor

I find this very frustrating.

Graculus appears to revel in his role of “Bad News Fairy” far, far too much, and does not represent UK geocachers. The other reviewers seem to (at least publically) support each other without question, and the public generally respect and support them too. When a wrong decision is made (inevitable with any organisation) toes are dug in and there is never any bending or consultation.

This is bad for geocaching. CO’s don’t feel supported or nurtured – reviewers are there to say no.

In this particular case, there is no MOD ban. Without a land owner identifying the land affected by that land owner, no ban could reasonably be expected to be enforced. Again, we come back to one reviewer running around shouting “You can’t cache there! No! No!” and drawing up their own, inaccurate maps without any consideration, consultation or notification – and without ANY NEED.

My guess at the motive is simple attention-seeking. Maybe there’s another, or I’m entirely wrong.

Whatever, this arrangement is not normal, balanced or fair – nor does it represent geocaching well.

finderman – as reviewers choose those they want to join their ranks, once a group evolves into something like this, the chance of it changing doesn’t seem to be very high. They’re not going to ask people to join who challenge them or ask difficult questions, it’s “Them and us”.

We’re the dumb sheep who should just graze quietly under the watchful eye of the shepherds who, of course, have our best interests at heart.