Reply To: New MoD guidelines?


Thanks for the update.

It is sad that it has come to this, but if it is land that they own there is not a lot we can do.

We were all aware that the MoD had no legal basis to restrict caching on most of Dartmoor months ago (and made this point to the reviewers). This really does show that the reviewers were far too eager to slap a ban down, contrary to local information, and denied placing caches on a huge part of the moor for the main summer season.

I am glad that this stupid and pointless ban will now be lifted for the two main ranges, although it is a shame Willsworthy has been denied, especially since it is connected to the other two ranges and as such I doubt anyone on the MoD will actively be looking to remove geocaches or letterboxes from the area.

Lets get back on the ranges!