Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

Avatar photodartymoor

reb10: That boat’s already rocking, that GAGB saw to that!

DD: Good. I’ll back off the GAGB and Reviewers a bit, I’m sure they’re all sick of me now anyway, and there’s probably little ground I can make there so very pleased to wait until proof can be gained (even though no proof was needed to impose the ban – and if the MOD can’t supply maps, they can’t expect a ban to be upheld by others).

CP: Good, too! Anyone reading this would think we’d coordinated together, but it seems we’ve each taken independant routes that haven’t conflicted by accident!

The Roos Tor ban is clearly ridiculous, and once this bigger issue is dealt with I hope to dig into that a little too. Brentorboxer has clued me into some of the history there.

Spitchwick seems a little more clear-cut, since it also bans letterboxing. Personally I avoid that area at any time other than winter because it’s usually overflowing with radios, bbq’s and kids and I like my peace and quiet out on the moor!

I wonder… If there might be some scope in the future for approaching Groundspeak about “National Park Reviewers” – individual volunteers who are regular reviewers but have personal knowledge about these very special places that really aren’t like the rest of the UK?