Reply To: New MoD guidelines?


It’s such a joke, the original statement was “land they own” but it seems to have been extended to “land they use” purely by the reviewers. I have offered to show them the official military map showing military land ownership (pretty much just Willsworthy range) but they simply are not interested in any factual information.

I currently have a cache not published which is outside a range because it’s “land they use” – it’s not even in a range let alone on land owned by the MoD!! Just because a reviewer from Wales has drawn a line on google maps…brilliant!

There appear to be a lot of self-important people on power trips, who would far rather rush into banning geocaching on a massive scale than represent the people they are supposed to serve.

Do you think the MoD really want caching banned on the ranges they don’t own?!?? I bet they aren’t even aware there is a “ban” and they certainly don’t even have the legal standing to do so on land they don’t own.

It is getting stupid now and I think some radical change is needed in the reviewing process.

I am already talking to groundspeak, but I guess I may also need to get in touch with the National Park and the defence estate who I’m sure would be dumbfounded to learn of a “ban”. But why is it that we have to fight against the people appointed to keep us caching? Has really soured my experience of the sport.