Reply To: New MoD guidelines?


I have just been looking the 2nd map, interesting seeing the bird nesting area, a lot more than I knew about, when I put my daughter’s charity letterbox walk out in the Doe Tor/Rattlebrook Hill area outside the range, the boxes on Rattlebrook Hill were refused due to bird nesting, this area seems to be clear on their map. A couple years ago Redroaming wanted to put her charity walk at Belstone and Oke Tor she was told to keep clear of Oke Tor due to bird nesting, again it is clear on their map. Then a lot of geocaches are being placed in the bird nesting areas but I suppose that is due to the reviewers not knowing, but from what I see the whole thing seem rather hit and miss anyway, nothing is stopping anyone from visiting these areas and after all birds are nesting all over the place. I read the other day that the biggest predator of birds is other birds!!