Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

Avatar photodartymoor

The MOD ruling says “land owned by the MOD”. The reviewers have said the same thing, and groundspeak’s rules require only permission from the landowner.

I have asked the reviewers for clarification of that for Dartmoor.

Personally, if I have to rule Willsworthy range out of placing caches, I can accept that. I won’t like it, but will accept it.

The MOD also own a lot of coast path, housing estates, even entire villages around the country. I don’t think the widespread scope of this decision has sunk in, because most people don’t understand just how much land they (us) own.

Incidentally, this one decision has changed me from somebody who happily accepted live fire training, indeed even enjoyed my encounters with the military (and I have many about grassy hummocks saying “Alright mate!” etc) on Dartmoor into somebody who will oppose it in future.

The MOD have created a rule that prevents me enjoying the moor alongside them, not just on Dartmoor but at many other places owned by them.