Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Monday morning update:

I have not yet been able to talk to Andrew Watson (Head of Recreation at the DNPA) with whom I negotiated the new geocaching guidelines last year, but have left a message for him.

I have spoken to my land agent at the Duchy who knows nothing of this ban and will talk to the land agent that deals with the MOD. However, he did suggest that it would be ludicrous to ban geocaching/letterboxing on one of the ranges and allow it on the others, from which I inferred that he would not be happy with a ban on any of the ranges.

There has been a very useful post on the Groundspeak forum from a reviewer who says “If local cachers and/or the GAGB are willing/able to negotiate local exemptions then we will be able to review accordingly.”

So, cautiously optimistic 🙂