Reply To: New MoD guidelines?


I am assuming this MOD ban is only for Willsworthy as this is the only range they own. So down reality of the situation are we talking about the area within the 46 WD boundary stones or are we talking about the area within the range poles.
A few years ago I placed a letterboxing walk of 46 letterboxes one off each stone. There is quite a difference in some places between their boundary and the range poles, the best example of this is Standon Hill, it is within the WD stones but outside the range poles so there is full public access at all times.
On the other hand on the on the northern side of Willsworthy the WD stones go up the hill between Sharp Tor and Hare Tor the down Deadlake to the Rattlebrook, in this area the range poles and well to the north of these boundary stones to keep people out of the Sharp Tor and Chat Tor areas which I assume they do not own.
So if this ban is just on their land I could not put a cache on Standon Hill which has full public access but I could put one on Sharp Tor which is within the Willsworthy Firing Range!
As for the letterboxers, they will carry on as ever, the 100 club can’t control individuals that place boxes on the moor and pass the clues to their letterboxing friends.
It seems to me the reviewers have been heavy handed again with this un-necessary ban as far as Okehampton and Merrivale ranges are concerned similar to the self-imposed Roos Tor ban. (Even after discussing this matter with DNPA staff, who knew nothing of this.)