Reply To: New MoD guidelines?


I am guessing that as landowners, they can decide whether to allow caches on THEIR OWN LAND or not, and as such may have contacted the GAGB, who are, after all, seen to be the main representatives of geocaching in the UK, and as such, the reviewers have to listen to their views.

I am wondering if the murkiness comes from the fact that the MoD uses a lot of land that is not actually OWNED by them, especially here on Dartmoor, but that the reviewers do not KNOW which land they own and which they don’t, and therefore, for now, have to treat all land used by the MoD as if they do.

As for the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985, it states that access is allowed ‘to the commons on foot and on horseback for the
purpose of open-air recreation’, and letterboxing and geocaching are definitely ‘open-air recreation’, and as such, should be allowed – as long as we don’t break anything in the process.