Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

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Another update – from a DNPA Factsheet:

Public access to the Training Areas

The Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 allows the general public access on the common land by foot and on horseback.

Most of the Training Areas are on common land. The military welcomes public access to these Training Areas but for the public’s safety Range Danger Areas are closed to the public when live firing is programmed. The Range boundaries are marked on the ground by red and white posts with warning notices and are also shown on some maps such as the Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure map for Dartmoor.

Warning signals (red flags by day or red lights by night) are hoisted on prominent physical features around each Range Danger Area to indicate that live firing is occurring. A number of lookout posts are also manned when live firing is taking place.

Dartmoor Commons Act 1985

1O.—( 1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and compliance
to commons. with all rules, regulations or byelaws relating to the commons
and for the time being in force, the public shall have a right of
access to the commons on foot and on horseback for the
purpose of open-air recreation; and a person who enters on the
commons for that purpose without breaking or damaging any
wall, fence, hedge, gate or other thing, or who is on the
commons for that purpose having so entered, shall not be
treated as a trespasser on the commons or incur any other
liability by reason only of so entering or being on the commons.

OK, so no specific mention of geocaching or letterboxing, but our rights are enshrined in an Act of Parliament. I think the GAGB are way out of their depth with this one and appear to have no jurisdiction in this. However, we still need to persuade them to change their mind as for some reason they seem to hold power over the UK Reviewers 🙁