Reply To: New MoD guidelines?

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

A quick update:

I’ve had an exchange of emails with Chis (Graculus) mainly pointing out that the MOD don’t own two of the ranges and asking him to amend his map. Most people seem to think that the Groundspeak reviewers have jumped the gun here without having been represented at the negotiations themselves and clearly GAGB have done us no favours at all.

I think the law of natural justice applies here “The right to a fair hearing requires that individuals should not be penalized by decisions affecting their rights or legitimate expectations unless they have been given prior notice of the case, a fair opportunity to answer it, and the opportunity to present their own case. The mere fact that a decision affects rights or interests is sufficient to subject the decision to the procedures required by natural justice. In Europe, the right to a fair hearing is guaranteed by Article 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is said to complement the common law rather than replace it.

I never thought I would be quoting the European Convention on Human Rights 😉