Reply To: Munzee.

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I’ve seen these codes appearing on the odd cache and I see there are a few around Dartmoor. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Seems that the organisers are encouraging more competitiveness than groundspeak and are publishing leader boards, etc. I also notice they are charging $30 for premium membership! They are also using Google maps – so that won’t last!

But is the munzee an article like a cache or is it just the code? The first one of these codes I saw was on a fence post next door to the Log Ness Monster – but probably not on the cache (I didn’t actually find it!) So, I’ve just looked this one up and see that the munzee is owned by LordDarcy, but of course the cache is not his. Seems strange to place a munzee right next door to somebody else’s cache and call it the Log Ness Monster. If these are going to be just stapled to fence posts it all seems a bit pointless. Am I missing something here?