Reply To: More Caches Needing Adoption!

Avatar photodartymoor

Hobo – the age of a cache is a strong reason to adopt or wish for an archived cache to be enabled. Apart from that I can’t see any specific reason that couldn’t be equally well done by putting a new one in the same spot, and benefits cachers by giving them all a new opportunity.

Dave – I am quite happy to continue breaking the law and continue to remove rubbish or geo-litter for the greater good and take my chances. (As I did on Saturday, with the extra tupperware lid one of your caches had gained that was serving no purpose!)

Technically speaking, all rubbish – geo or otherwise – is owned by somebody, but a little common sense must come into play or the beautiful spaces we love and cherish would not stay so for long. But I do understand groundspeak taking that line when the original intention by the CO was probably not to create litter.