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Avatar photoHobo

Of course it’s about the numbers.

If it wasn’t we would just go for a walk without the frustration of not finding a cache or the dubious pleasure of sticking one’s hands into wet muddy holes under rocks etc. Broken glass, adders and beer cans could all be avoided if we weren’t chasing numbers

To produce meaningful comparisons or rankings there would have to be a simple system for grading caches, such as equating a cache’s value to the sum of its difficulty and terrain ratings, so that a true comparison can be made. Caches hidden would have to be included, being graded similarly. This would reflect the time put into the hobby for the benefit of others. Of course only live caches would count, the value of archived caches being deducted. The result of any artificial upgrading of one’s own caches would be negated by the enhancement of everybody else’s scores.

The joy of a system like this is that it could be done using the existing information held by groundspeak.

Must stop so that I can get back to logging some caches I haven’t found yet!