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Miss – Karma is the measure that takes your hides into account.

I’ve just found this site which is very quick and easy to use (don’t be scared by the gc login, you don’t need to enter username and password).

My karma is 2.75 – 808 finds, 44 hides resulting in 2223 logs and 112 favourite points by visitors.

Hobo and Miss’s is 2.4, Dartmoor Dave’s 2.58, Muddypuddles 2.87, Station Master is 1.47 and The Forgetful Elephants only 1! (Which I don’t understand at all, they’re probably my favourite hiders, so maybe this isn’t a great guide either?)

Lots of other top lists on there. Most caches in a day – 1097 (A fake) and several over 500. Really all about the numbers…

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