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Tim Hampson (keehotee) was the cacher who was instrumental in setting up the Landowner Agreement between the DNPA and the GAGB. I have informed Tim of these new developements and asked him to contact you Dave.
I think it’s important that the GAGB is kept in the loop, after all, they are the recognised caching association that will need to draw up a new agreement, so if you dont hear from Tim, perhaps try Richard Mollins (Dr Dick& Vic) who is the Treasurer of the GAGB and spends part of his year in the Westcountry, so has personal links.
Since working on this agreement I happen to know that keehotee has moved away from Devon, so this may be an ideal oportunity for someone else to step into the breech and work within the GAGB representing the interests of cachers in Devon & Cornwall when it comes to complex issues such as Landowner Agreements? I can think of at least three suitable candidates (Dave, Matt & John [Westwoods2]) who would be perfect for the job!! As far as I’m aware, one doesn’t need any special qualifications or training to work on these Agreements, more a passion for representing the interests of cachers and caching in this beautiful place we call home 🙂
I hope this turns out to be nothing more than a storm in a tea-cup, and that a sensible dialogue and clarification will lead to a subsequaint new agreement.