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Ernie B

From your reviewer Lindinis aka Ernie B.
Just as a clarification as to who need permission and for what.
There are two types of permission: (1) Proof of permission and (2) General permission.

(1) Proof of permission. As a reviewer, I need to see that permission has been granted for all caches placed within the SSSI area and / or within NT land. This is usually added in a reviewer note when you submit a new cache.

(2) General permission. The geocaching guidelines state that you should get permission to place ALL caches. See section 1.1.2 in this link…
Reviewers don’t need to see this general permission.
Most local councils, the Highways Commission etc have given general permission (as long as we are sensible, we can place caches on most footpaths, road verges, common land etc etc, without asking for permission). However, large areas of Dartmoor are owned privately. It is in your own interest that you check before placing a cache. It seems the DNPA have had complaints of caches placed on private land without asking for permission. (This might or might not had a bearing on the change in their guidelines). I don’t currently know how the DNPA feel about accepting caches after these changes.

I’ll be here to help where I can, but reviewers do not and cannot negotiate landowner agreements.

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