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I am making world-shattering history [well I think so!] in that this is my first post on one of these forum sites, but I want to add my grateful thanks to Dartmoor Dave for making the time to pursue and hopefully obtain easy-to-follow siting rules for geocaches on Dartmoor. The complications of needing landowner/farmer permission – or not – have been bewildering to me, and hence my reluctance to site any geocaches for others to seek [especially considering the number I have found which is rather embarrassing].
Hopefully with these new rules I will venture to site some caches – especially as otherwise I will not be able to log the Dartmoor Mega and Minor Challenges as I have some “empty” squares in order to qualify! I can’t continue to hope that someone else will site caches in these squares, and I also expect that I am not the only one who has these or other “empty” squares – so fingers crossed!