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I have some very good news re my efforts to sort out the placement of caches within SSSIs on Dartmoor. I have now had a long email from the head of recreation at the DNPA and also a long telephone conversation, both of which were very positive. There are still some issues to be addressed but he has confirmed that he wants a level playing field for us and our letterboxing friends. He states “I am happy to amend our current guidance regarding landowner permissions to reflect that given to letterboxers.” This was specifically in relation to caches being placed in SSSIs. He has told me today that he will change the geocaching guidelines to reflect this. If these changes take place we will be back to where we were last year, but instead of us following the letterboxing guidelines, we will have our own set of guidelines, which will basically be the same as the letterboxers.

I will keep you all informed as to how this progresses, but I get the impression that it will happen sooner rather than later.