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I’m also concerned with Point 2. If equests go to DNPA will they be ignored? Their staff cuts this year are drastic, losing many people who’ve served for decades. How will they find the time for what is, to them, probably not a big priority?

And now, despite having been a letterboxer for a very long time, I’m resenting that letterboxes (physically identical) can be placed without these restrictions. This requirement does not change the likelyhood of a bad cache being placed at all, other than perhaps the request being ignored so it can’t be published.

Perhaps GAGB can be called upon to negotiate or collate blanket agreements in their landowner database as well as here?

(WW – Agree about walls – Grr! But letterboxing has as many badly placed boxes as geocaching; consider the “kiddy boxes” around certain honeybag tors. I’ve sat down on a rock at Saddle Tor and seen as many as five takeaway containers all clearly visible)

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