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Westwoods 2

Whilst it is flattering to be mentioned in dispatches by none other than the Great Bogtrotter I do feel that there are people better qualified to take on this task!
Many years ago in the days when Godfrey was chief letterboxer and checked most boxes himself I was involved in setting up guidelines and agreements with the DNPA and Letterboxers, but things were much simpler in those days with far fewer people involved and only within (by and large) the confines of Dartmoor and most letterboxers were local. From memory there was far more internal control exercised than with the Geocaching community and problems with sites were quickly sorted.
Even so there were problems(lists of “Secret” boxes and the “Cut Hill Mafia” spring to mind )I’m sure the Urban Ranger will remember them!
With geocaching as long as the guidelines are followed the reviewer will allow the cache without physically seeing the site, and I have certainly seen some placements that would not have existed as letterboxes (walls are a particular gripe for me).
With this thought in mind it would be interesting to know the reasons for the change by DNPA-there has to be a reason!
We don’t get out on the Moor as we used to but would be very sad to see problems raised for those,the majority, who use and love it. Good luck to those who are prepared to take it on but Muddypuddles Point 2 is very valid. Speaking personally I know I would rather be out caching than sitting in front of a screen!