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Thanks, Dave, for taking this on. I had an email today which has raised a couple of points that I think should be put to the DNPA when you speak to them:

1. Finding out who actually owns a piece of land within the DNP is very difficult, and if this was a requirement for cache placement then it would be useful to build up a database of owners on your site to contact. If the DNP mean that they wish you to have their permission to place a cache, rather than that of the landowner, then this would be unnecessary.

2. The second point is: does the nominated contact within the DNP really want to spend their time answering an endless stream of cache placement requests for individual caches? They may think that it’s a good idea in principle, but I think they probably have better uses for their time, and a blanket agreement, as before, might be in their best interests.

Just something to consider.