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As promised I have been straight on to the DNPA today and now have the name and direct dial number of the person who is responsible for the “new” guidelines. He is in the office tomorrow and I will be contacting him then.

Welcome clownpunchers to both geocaching and this web site, we are always pleased to have a new member. Obviously we are already trying to sort out the placement guidelines, so keep watching this space.

A couple of other points you raise. I haven’t checked your profile, but I would suggest that you find two or three hundred caches before you place any. That way you will begin to understand what caches are good and what are not. In a rural environment most cachers would like to see fewer micros and nanos (unless they are something a bit different) so best to think about larger caches. Also everybody likes to see quality caches, and cache & dashes don’t often come under that category. I know I am generalising and there will be some who disagree, but generally these caches are best suited to urban and surburban areas where hides are often difficult. No such problems exist on Dartmoor.

The other point you mention is that of Premium Member caches, and once again views differ. My personal view is that they are not necessary except in very special situations and out of my 105 caches I have placed not one is a Premium Member only cache. However,we do suffer a lot in this area and if you want to place caches your probably need to take out a Premium Membership.

Before others moan, I know most of this is off topic. Perhaps I need to set up a new forum for new geocachers and their questions.