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I’m a new geocacher (having only discovered it existed a month ago) and found this forum while looking for clarification on what kind of permission is needed to place a cache.

I tried to place two today on the south moor, as I believed that on open moor land it was pretty much the same rules as placing letterboxes, in that you have to apply a little bit of common sense, i.e. not near anything remotely old or fragile or clearly on private land.

I have contacted the regional National Trust office to see if i can gain permission for the two to be published, which is fair enough, but I don’t see why it’s any different to letterboxing! The sport is essentially letterboxing with a GPS!

It requires a lot of research to find a suitable location for just one cache, far enough away from others in the area, and then it is quite complicated to find out who owns the land and what kind of monuments are in the area to keep away from etc. I can see it discouraging others from placing caches. I actually had another cache disabled as it was too near a premium members only cache (which I can’t see unless I zoom right out on the area as I am not a premium member).

I’m not having a go at the reviewer or others at all as I understand why these rules exist, but it is rather complicated and there do seem to be a lot of rules! Any clarification would be appreciated 🙂