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Avatar photodartymoor

GH – “only twenty miles”… 12 is about my comfort level, after that my legs go a little jellyish…  (17 and  a half stone, y’see)  I’m also rubbish about stopping often enough, usually going 3-4 hours without a break, and then only a quarter hour or so. I average about 2mph that way, including finding and logging, but obviously dependant on terrain.

I too hate TFTC (or at least, only use them to avoid saying something bad!), and if I sit down (with a cup of hot chocolate) immediately after the walk, I can re-live even these longer trails quite clearly. I occasionally put a brief comment on my gpsr – such as “Fave” to remind myself to mark one as such, or “Bull too close”, “Untidy farm” to remind myself of something noteworthy along the way.

Usually after I’ve logged I crash out for a couple of hours in the afternoon…