Reply To: Happy 1k to me…

Avatar photodartymoor

Dave – I would like to see these trails on ‘my’ moor, very much.

WDW is mostly film pots and small clip-tops, not huge variety.  Parramble has a huge variety of containers, unusual in anything other than a short trail. All of kevham1’s caches are well maintained, with missings being tended to within a short period, and I found all of WDW and all but one of two loops of Parramble (the DNF – we were the first to log, and it was replaced a week later)

In every case the clue is clear, useful, and the coords are bang on.

If you wanted to sample one, I’d say do a few of Parramble first, see how it goes.

Didn’t do a write up as not on Dartmoor…