Reply To: Happy 1k to me…


Congratulations Dartymoor, it’s a big milestone to get.

I did the Way Down West loop last year, with 110 caches in one day. I started off at 6AM, and it took about 12 hours if memory serves. The thing you tend to forget about this type of series is the sheer amount of time processing the caches takes. You might look at the map, and say to yourself, “only 20 miles, won’t take too long”. If you allow 2 minutes to find, extract, sign and replace each cache, which is probably an optimistic amount of time for some caches, the WDW series I did meant I spent around 3.5 hours of that 12 just processing the caches!

I too really don’t like TFTC logs, and even on a long series try to write something unique about each individual cache, so I made notes as I went round. They do tend to blur into each other after a while, so there’s really no other way.