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Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

It seems to me that it’s back to the old question “It’s all about the numbers!”

Mark Twain once described golf as “A good walk spoiled” and dartymoor says “geocaching for me is mostly about the walk”.  So how many caches per mile spoil the walk?  What is the optimum number?

If the terrain is brilliant (like most of Dartmoor) then I prefer one cache about every half mile to one mile and that is what I placed on both the Walk on the Wild Side and Heads of the River Trek series.  If the terrain is not so brilliant then one every quarter mile is fine.  Loopy Around Lifton is close to that having 21 caches in 4.2 miles.  But more frequent than that?  The Parramble Trails have a cache about every 200m which is about 7 or 8 per mile and getting close to the minimum spacing allowed.

We recently managed to escape for a couple of days and had a choice of where to go reasonably close to Dartmoor.  Both times we chose the coast path, first from Tintagel to Boscastle and then from Boscastle to Crackington.  These are two brilliant series of caches by SMacB with dramatic views, but usefully spaced caches at about half mile intervals.  We could have gone for the numbers but chose instead the quality.  We are looking forward to returning for the Crackington & Beyond series.  The numbers on these series certainly don’t spoil the walk!