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Everyone does this caching thing for different reasons, and if you want to get your numbers up, then the HALO series is just the ticket. But this isn’t why I cache.

I have spent my last two caching sessions doing the new Plym Challenge by the Tamerton Chocolates. This is more like it!

Personally, I get the most out of caches that I make some kind of personal investment in, whether that be time, mental battering or just a long walk. You get out what you put in. The Plym Challenge has got me walking many miles, and chewing my pencil to bits, but even though I got a DNF in the end, I would much rather there was this kind of cache out there (which has obviously taken time and planning to set) than your toss in a hedge micro.

But that’s only my opinion. If you’re after numbers – don’t do this kind of cache. Simples.

Thanks, TC. When’s the Tavy Challenge coming out???