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Satan’s pit is the hardest Dartmoor one I’ve done. The puzzle took me three days, the walk 10 minutes, the cache another 10 minutes. But I got very very wet and cold!

As argued elsewhere, I think 2 for everything under 30 minutes is absurd but no point repeating the same ground.

Incidentally, I’m in Cornwall at the moment. I refused to try two caches because they were right on a steeply sloping grass bank above a 400′ cliff. Ok, I’m a bit of a wuss where heights are concerned, and I know others have found them, but these are only 2/4 and 5/3.5 respectively. (The latter requires three DNF’s before you can log, a copy of Hobo and Miss’s). I think they’re rated well, just not for me…

Adrenaline? You can keep it…