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Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

If you use the GC system for rating caches the key question seems to be “What is the trail like?” If you choose “There is no real trail. Wheels are out. May be following a stream bed or be very rocky.” then you will almost certainly get a TR of 4. Surely this is applicable to most of my caches on the open moor?

If you choose “Could be gravel, sand, mud, etc. May be an animal trail. If you’re riding a bike, it had better be a mountain bike.” You will get a TR of 3, but I challenge even Hobo to ride his mountain bike to many of my caches!

All of the caches Mark found yesterday were rated 3 or 3.5 except one which was 4, so no way were any of these overrated according to the recommended system. However, I was disappointed to see that 8 of Mark’s logs were just copied and pasted in and were totally identical! Not very encouraging to any CO as Mark should know, especially after the enthusiastic review I gave of his Coffin Stone!