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Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

SM said “Dave I aggree with most of what you have said, but before you can pass any comment on Coffin Stone you should go off and find it if you are able to get to it, you should do.”

Fair comment and today Judy, Tigger and I went to find Coffin Stone. We started from the nearest logical parking just west of Ingra Tor and followed the very easy gravel track until we turned right on to the bridleway which we followed across the ford and up to the old railway track. A few hundred yards around the track until we crossed over to the cache. This route is almost exactly a mile in length, all of it on gravel track or bridleway, with of course, a fairly easy ford, although I would imagine it could be far worse than today. Enter this route information into the terrain rater and it gives you 3, which is probably fair. Difficulty is a problem with this cache as the main difficulty is getting under the stone and finding the cache. If you are relatively nimble it should provide little problem and I found the cache within a few minutes. So probably anything between 2 and 3 depending on how you feel about climbing under many tons of spoil!

Forgetting the ratings for this cache, I thought it to be a very good cache, a bit different to most traditional caches and one we thoroughly enjoyed and rewarded with a favourite. Definitely the best cache placed by SM that we have found to date.