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I think that last reply illustrates my point that ratings are inflated to attract visitors.  I don’t believe that there is anywhere in England, possibly not the UK, where an overnight stay is required to find a cache, in which case a tent is certainly not required!

Of the replies so far, I do like the very first one from TicTacToeHereWeGo: “Terrain level indicates the degree of physical difficulty, effort and risk to access the log. Difficulty Level indicates how hard it is to find the cache (using a hint if supplied).”  I think that sums it all up very nicely.  It also endorses my view that a cache has to be rated using any hint or spoiler provided.

My proposed series will not have a 5/5 cache (I still find that extremely hard to justify on Dartmoor) but I do hope to have a 4.5/4.5, but I’m still struggling to envisage where that might be and what it might look like. Of course I have no little helpers to run up and down trees, so I will have to place it!

Many thanks for all your replies so far, please keep them coming.