Reply To: Devon’s Oldest Live Caches.

Avatar photored.roaming

Thought I would add my pennyworth on this subject as I agree that it is a shame that caches get archived and therefore unavailable for various reasons. Fuelled by Dave’s adoption of Cantor Clan’s excellent series Myths and Legends, I contacted the Cantor Clan offering to adopt any caches that they would perhaps be archiving. They kindly agreed and offered some caches which are not too far away from me, and which continue to provide many visitors from far away a safe and sensible caching experience on Dartmoor [but not the real Dartmoor as we locals know] and hopefully will continue to do so.
The “downside” of this adoption process was that the geocaching website contacted me soon after with regard to the several Needs Maintenance notifications on these caches, some of which were not recent. I have managed to get to all but one so far but they were all in need of a new log, often a new container and clearing out of odd pieces of paper. Embarrassingly I couldnt find 2 [despite having found them all several years ago] so left new containers! It was very interesting to note that several had moved several feet from the original site making them easier to access. I might have just been unlucky for this to happen but if anyone is thinking of adopting old caches, be prepared to have to go to “tidy them up”! However now I have done that, I am happy that they are all as good as a much newer one to find.