Reply To: Devon’s Oldest Live Caches.

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I too find it disappointing that some of the oldest and perhaps best caches are being archived and I’ve already posted a note on the Ten Tors Challenge Bonus cache asking plymplodders to re-consider.

In my opinion there are 4 great series left on Dartmoor:
Ten Tors Challenge by plymplodders placed in 2005
Dartmoor Myths & Legends by Cantor Clan placed in 2005
Alphabet Challenge by Windrush placed in 2007
Heart of Dartmoor by muddypuddles placed in 2009

These series are not placed in a straight line or loop and therefore take you to most parts of Dartmoor and would normally take several visits to complete. I’ve already adopted the Myths & Legends series and it would be very good if somebody could adopt the Ten Tors Challenge series before any more are archived. The reviewers seem not to be allowed to unarchive a cache purely for adoption, so caches need to be adopted before they are archived or the owner persuaded to unarchive them first.

Whilst on the subject it is very good to see that Red Roaming has adopted other Cantor clan caches in order that they can continue.