Reply To: Dart’moor’s Double Dozen – Lessons Learnt

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I went up to Sittaford Tor today and checked on a couple of the caches as I passed by. I couldn’t be bothered with the boxes under rocks ones but I did check No 8 the one by the hunt fence. I couldn’t find it 🙁 Somebody hadn’t bothered to replace it in the nice little hide I constructed for it but had stuffed it under the wire about 6 feet away, so I soon found it. But it emphasises Dartymoor’s comment above “Put the ruddy cache back where you found it! Not a foot away, not in another hole that you think suits it better. WHERE YOU FOUND IT!”

But worse – when I opened the cache it had only one log sheet plus scraps of paper that had been added. When I placed this cache it had at least 5 double sided log sheets – somebody had taken all but one of them :(. Some other cacher had kindly added the scraps of paper, but can you believe that a cacher would steal all the unused sheets!

I think maybe the problem with caches not being replaced where found is that sometimes there is a group of cachers, somebody finds it, it gets passed around to be signed and somebody else puts it back. Probably the finder has already moved on so the cacher replacing it probably had no idea where it really was, only a general idea. Some of my ones that are hooked onto brass hooks have been found on the floor, that really is not acceptable.