Reply To: Dart’moor’s Double Dozen – Lessons Learnt

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

It is not possible for everybody to agree on an ideal density. I placed these caches approx every quarter mile. I couldn’t have put them closer as I had to alternate them with the ones on the other side of the river (and a few existing caches as well). IMO the most important thing is to generate and maintain interest in the series. This comes from a variety of terrain, of scenery, of cache type and of cache difficulty. I get very bored when all the caches are of the same type and are all too easy. On some series I just wish the end would come!

As for Patience, well I think we all lost it. I actually found over 50% of those I looked for and we really enjoyed the walk. This is a lovely area and would be excellent for a really good series. Isn’t this on the Sharpham Estate? If so, I wonder if the CO got permission for the caches?