Reply To: Dart’moor’s Double Dozen – Lessons Learnt

Avatar photodartymoor

“the problem i have”

Proof we’re not all the same!

That’s the “reason I go there” for myself and others with series. In fact, I would have placed the caches closer together still than Dave did on that walk. 🙂

And I generally find plenty, or even too much, to say even on the bigger trails. X marks was great, and the hides inventive (and IMO different enough) to stand out when logging that evening.

Patience – well, it looks like the CO has archived half of the series, but removed all (or almost all) the caches. The remaining ones are racking up a lot of DNFs now. (Notified reviewer earlier this evening). Ill-fated series, which is a shame as nobody sets out to lay a bad trail, but it ended up disappointing a lot of people, and I rank it the worst series I’ve ever done – not for density, but for 13 out of 14 DNF’s when I tried.